31 August 1999

27 to 29 September at the University of Heidelberg Conference "Dimensions and Visions of Sport: Evaluation, Profiling, Globalisation"

Renowned experts on future prospects for sport and sport science – Keynote topics: Sport as violence prevention, Doping, Support structures for top upcoming sport talents, School sport

Heidelberg is the venue for the 14th Conference of the German Association of Sport Science, to be held from 27 to 29 September 1999. About 600 participants are expected to attend this largest and most important annual event organised by Germany's sport science association, involving numerous internationally renowned speakers from abroad. The programme of the conference ranges from keynote lectures and lunchtime talks to work groups accommodating a total of some 200 papers. Discussion will centre on selected topical aspects and the future challenges facing sport and sport science. At the opening ceremony Brigitte Zypries, secretary of state at the Federal Ministry of the Interior, will be presenting a synopsis of the political issues posed by sport. She will be reporting on the progress made in the evaluation of top-level sport (with reference to the Olympic Bases, the Federal Institute of Sport Science in Cologne and the Institute of Applied Training Science in Leipzig), giving her views on the significance of research into competitive sports and on projects to encourage humane sport, and outlining the kind of role Germany might play in the future of global sport development. In a major address from the perspective of higher education policy, Prof. Dr. Klaus Landfried, President of Germany's Standing Conference of University Rectors, places sport in the context of more general requirements for the future, giving his remarks the title "Quality Enhancement via Competition". Competition within and between university sectors, says Prof. Landfried, "generates salutary pressure for better performance as long as it is evaluated by experts on the basis of fair rules and regulations; it also encourages the formation of core concerns and priorities and facilitates admission to the team of global players." Other prominent speakers include Prof. Dr. Gudrun Doll-Tepper, president of the World Council of Sport Science, Prof. Dr. Ron Feingold, president of the American Alliance of Health, Physical Education and Recreation, Prof. Dr. Paavo Komi, president of the European College of Sports Sciences, Prof. Dr. Benno Nigg, chairman of the Scientific Council of the International Olympic Committee, and Prof. Dr. Tony Parker, president of the Australian Association for Exercise and Sports Sciences and organiser of the pre-Olympic conference in Brisbane. The various core subjects dealt with in the work groups reflect the scope of the issues to be addressed at the conference. They range from public health, genetics and health, sport and integration and violence prevention via sport to the social construction of gender, structures for encouraging top upcoming sports talents, the doping issue and topics connected with the use and teaching of sport at school. In the framework of the conference three prizes will be awarded for outstanding upcoming sports talents and there will also be a poster exhibition. The 14th Conference of the German Association of Sport Science is organised by the Institute of Sport and Sport Science of the University of Heidelberg under the scientific aegis of its director Prof. Dr. Klaus Roth. The chairmen of the Organising Committee are Dr. Thomas Pauer and Dr. Klaus Reischle.

Inquiries can be addressed to:
Prof. Dr. Klaus Roth, phone: +49 (0) 6221/544642, fax: 544346
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Dr. Klaus Reischle, phone: +49 (0) 6221/544647

During the conference:
Conference Office: tel: +49 (0) 6221/542450, fax: 543626

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