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17 January 2007

Prinzhorn Collection On Tour

Exhibition in Hamburg opens 21 January — 2006 an itinerant year for the Prinzhorn Collection — Further exhibitions in Germany and elsewhere in 2007 — Major international renown

Another exhibition of the Prinzhorn Collection outside Heidelberg is imminent. On Sunday, 21 January the Ernst Barlach House in Hamburg will be opening its doors for the show "wahnsinn sammeln" ("Collecting Madness") that was to be seen in Heidelberg last summer.

In stark contrast to the contemplative quiet that reigns in the exhibition halls, the museum depot is a hive of feverish activity. Pictures are framed and unframed, climate-proof crates unpacked, the works in them checked for restoration requirements, re-grouped and stowed away in the next crate. With the restricted space available, incoming and outgoing deliveries have to be coordinated with extreme logistic precision. In 2006 the Prinzhorn Collection was largely involved in lending out works to major international itinerant and group exhibitions. "Rough Magic — Inner Worlds Outside" toured through Madrid, London and Dublin, "Lethal Medicine: Racial Mania and National Socialism" came from Washington to Dresden (on show there till 24 June 2007), "Keeping Secrets" started in Newcastle (U.K) and moves from there to Bexhill-on-Sea (27 January — 15 April 2007) and Manchester (5 May — 29 July 2007).

Successful exhibitions organised by the Prinzhorn Collection have led to new collaborative ventures. The exhibition "irre ist weiblich" ("Madness, Thy Name is Woman") found its way to the Dr. Guislain Museum in Ghent (till 28 January 2007), "Psychiatry in Africa" was shown at the Kannen House in Münster and the Psychiatric Museum in Bremen, while the joint Jörg Ahrnt/Ludwig Wilde show "In Persian Books" returned from Teheran to Germany and the Pergamon Museum in Berlin. On the occasion of the World Cup, the Prinzhorn Collection took part in the Stuttgart exhibition "Art Lives". At the local level, exhibits were lent out to the Friedrich Ebert Memorial Centre in Heidelberg for the exhibition "Wilhelm Fraenger & Heinrich George".

Lending activity on this scale is another proof of the major international renown in which the Collection is held. Loan requests for 2007 have already been received, one of them from the Frankfurt Architecture Museum, which is planning an exhibition on visionary architecture in conjunction with Ghent. But this year the Prinzhorn Collection will have to draw its horns in a little. The museum is not well enough staffed to deal with the incremental lending activity and in 2007 an inventory is planned that requires the presence of the complete collection in Heidelberg. In late July all the works will be back home and exhibition activity will be suspended for a while.

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Prinzhorn Collection
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