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18 December 2006

New M.A. Honours Programme at the University of Heidelberg and the Ecole du Louvre (Paris)

Cooperation agreement between the University of Heidelberg and the Ecole du Louvre — Unanimous Senate consent for the establishment of the M.A. honours course

The new M.A. honours course on art history and museology to begin shortly at the University of Heidelberg and the Ecole du Louvre in Paris has set itself a number of ambitious objectives. Alongside providing graduates with an International Master of Arts (M.A.) degree, it also aims to enhance the students' international mobility, to broaden their specialist qualifications by dovetailing the range of teaching available at two major European seats of learning, to put them in direct contact with the great artistic treasures of the two countries involved and to improve their linguistic skills.

The plans of Heidelberg's Institute of European Art History to establish the dual four-term M.A. course in conjunction with the Ecole du Louvre have now been unanimously approved by the Senate of the University of Heidelberg. The Ecole du Louvre is France's leading academic institution in the field of art history research.

To qualify for the joint course in Paris and Heidelberg, students need to have obtained an above-average degree in the B.A. course in "European Art History". The graduate programme will take two years. Successful candidates will spend the first two terms at the Ecole du Louvre and then switch to the University of Heidelberg. In Paris the M.A. course concentrates on museology, while the focus in Heidelberg will be on art history. The programme is largely made up of teaching components regularly on offer at the two institutions. After the first year the students have to pass an initial exam at the Ecole du Louvre before continuing their studies at the University of Heidelberg. Courses will be held in the language of the respective country, thus requiring an excellent knowledge of both French and German from the participants.

After successful completion of this integrated dual course, the students will be awarded the Diplôme de Muséologie and the Diplôme de deuxième cycle de l'Ecole du Louvre as well as the M.A. degree "International Master of Art History and Museology" from the University of Heidelberg. Alongside these degrees the course graduates will also receive a joint certificate from the partner institutions and the Franco-German University. The conduct of this first international integrated course at M.A. level at the University of Heidelberg is also the first Heidelberg programme to receive funding from the Franco-German University.

The exchange of a number of students from the two institutions has already ushered in the preparatory stage for the course, which is also receiving financial support from the Franco-German University. The official start of the dual course in Paris and Heidelberg is scheduled for the winter semester 2007/08. Together with the B.A. and M.A. courses in "European Art History", this collaborative programme will then replace the present Magister course.

Katinka Krug

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