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22 December 2006

Journal@RupertoCarola: On the Other Side of the Planet at Christmas

The last edition in the old year of the University of Heidelberg's student newsletter features Christmas articles and a detailed look at the University's two successful projects in the Initiative for Excellence contest

Most of us will probably be celebrating Christmas in the bosom of the family. But what about those whose loved ones live too far away for a Yuletide visit? One such student is Rudolph Ng, whose mother lives in Hong Kong. He and others in a similar situation are the subject of the front-page article in the latest edition of Journal@RupertoCarola, the fifth to date.

Other main features of the latest edition are extensive interviews with Professors Matthias Bartelmann and Hans-Georg Kräusslich, the coordinators of the two Heidelberg projects singled out so far for funding by the Initiative for Excellence — the graduate school "Fundamental Physics" and the "Cellular Networks" cluster. In addition there is information on the Lautenschläger Research Prize and the plans afoot for a number of institutes to move to the Bergheim district of Heidelberg and establish a new campus for the humanities there.

As usual, readers can look forward to the regular sections on international affairs, careers, events to note and student life. This time there is also a special section on recent research developments. A new service enables users to check out the day's menus at the student restaurants at the click of a mouse.

Journal@RupertoCarola appears every two weeks and is sent to almost 34,000 recipients in the form of an e-mail newsletter.


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