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31 October 2006

Rhine-Neckar Medical Technology Forum Fully Established

Subject of the third forum on 22 November 2006: Online Image-Guided Therapy — Guest speaker Professor Dr. Ron Kinikis from Boston holds the keynote address

Although it was only initiated last year, the Rhine-Neckar Medical Technology Forum will be meeting in November for the third time. Under the leadership of Professor Wolfgang Schlegel (German Cancer Research Centre) and Professor Frederik Wernz (University Hospital, Mannheim) the programme for the conference is both exciting and closely geared to the latest developments in the field.

"Online Image-Guided Therapy" is the title of the 3rd forum. The central issue is how the image of a patient transmitted during medical treatment (say, radiation therapy) is adjusted online so that the therapist can respond properly and without delay to changes in patient geometry.

This progress in medical treatment has been made possible by new imaging techniques and the almost incredible speed at which present-day computers work. Quick image processing and precise 3D graphics are the essential preconditions for non-invasive and minimal-invasive therapy in various fields of medicine and for the headlong development of medical technology. In this way therapeutic measures put less stress on the patient and damage to healthy tissue is reduced to a minimum in comparison with traditional techniques.

One of the leading experts in this new field is the American professor Ron Kinikis. He is not only professor of radiology at the Harvard Medical School in Boston but also the director of the Surgical Planning Laboratory, Department of Radiology, Bingham and Women's Hospital, Boston. This internationally renowned scientist will be the keynote speaker at the forum, outlining the latest research developments in his talk on image-guided therapy.

The entire programme of the Forum provides participants with an overview of the fascinating potential and the technical implementation of modern imaging, swift image processing and the use of online imaging. Speakers will be describing innovative examples from cardiology, radiology, radiation therapy, orthopaedics and ophthalmology and the clinical benefits of these new approaches will be the subject of discussion.

Alongside the lectures, participants can take part in an inspection programme with on-the-spot demonstrations of adaptive radiation therapy (at the German Cancer Research Centre), tomotherapy (at the University Hospital Heidelberg) and image-guided therapy (at the University Hospital Mannheim). The Forum will also feature an exhibition by companies active in this field.

The 3rd Rhine-Neckar Medical Technology Forum will take place from 1 p.m. to 6.15 p.m. on 22 November 2006 at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Heidelberg at Mannheim. The venue is the "Alte Brauerei", Käfertaler Straße 162, Mannheim. Attendance fees range from 40 to 175 euros.

The Rhine-Neckar Medical Technology Forum was instigated in 2005 by scientists and company representatives from the region on the initiative of the University of Heidelberg. It is part of the network of the Competence Centre for Medical Technology in the Rhine-Neckar Triangle. Its aim is to support knowledge and technology transfer between research, the health system and industry with events taking place at regular intervals, to facilitate interdisciplinary contacts and cooperation and to advance transdisciplinary dialogue.

Quality and topicality is assured by an Advisory Council made up of scientists from the Universities of Heidelberg, Mannheim and Karlsruhe and from the German Cancer Research Centre, representatives of regional companies and the Rhine-Neckar Chamber of Commerce and Industry. The organisation of the forums lies with the Academy for Continuing Education, a cooperative institution of the University of Heidelberg and the SRH.

Journalists are cordially invited to attend the Forum. Please register beforehand.

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