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26 May 2006

MaReCuM: New Innovative Course of Study at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Heidelberg at Mannheim

Innovative teaching and training design prepares students in Mannheim for different medicine-related careers from the outset

From the winter semester 06/07 prospective medical students can pursue their studies in Mannheim from the word go. As of that date, the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Heidelberg at Mannheim not only provides a curriculum of basic studies leading up to the advanced courses already in place there. The Faculty has also extended the curriculum to include "MaReCuM" (the Mannheim Reformed Curriculum for Medicine).

MaReCuM focuses on scientifically oriented medical education, training in indispensable medical core competencies and cross-disciplinary organ-related teaching. The innovative factor here is that medical students can choose from three qualification pathways during the advanced part of the course. One of them is the practically oriented medical course systematically preparing students for a professional career as a physician. Learning modules specifically geared to this purpose broaden the students' skills in emergency care, outpatient treatment and geriatrics. Special courses extend their knowledge of the various aspects of functional diagnostics.

But not everyone studying medicine wants to be a doctor. MaReCuM also provides those who intend to go into research with a qualification pathway they can embark on at an early stage. Highly motivated students can participate in a Junior Scientific Master Class programme, thus preparing the ground during their ongoing studies for the subsequent MD/PhD course in the framework of time-limited junior research groups for graduates and doctoral students.

The third option in the new reformed curriculum is called "Master's Degree in Human Medicine". This course enables students to combine their interest in human medicine with additional business administration qualifications. Those opting for this speciality will be offered instruction in health-system-related management, business administration theory or legal studies for medical purposes. The Master's degree also has another asset going for it. Unlike many degrees from Germany this Master's degree is internationally recognised almost everywhere.

MaReCuM ensures that the work for these additional qualifications is fully integrated into the medical course itself. "This means MaReCuM students passing their exams at the Faculty will already have a licence to practise when they leave Mannheim," says study dean Prof. Dr. Harald Klüter. "They are fully trained physicians with additional qualifications enabling them to map out their future careers while they are still studying."

At present, preparations for this new and innovative course are in full swing at the Mannheim Faculty. New teaching venues have been rented, appointment procedures for additional teaching staff have been instituted and the curricula for the first semester are close to completion. In September about 180 new medical students will be embarking on their courses in accordance with MaReCuM.

Please note!
In Germany, there are restrictions on the admission to courses in medicine. As for all other medical courses, applications for a course of study at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Heidelberg at Mannheim must be addressed to the Zentralstelle für die Vergabe von Studienplätzen (ZVS, D-44128 Dortmund, www.zvs.de).

Please address any inquiries to:
Jutta Becher
Faculty of Medicine of the University of Heidelberg at Mannheim
phone: 0621/3831231, fax: 3831433

For journalists:
Dr. Michael Schwarz
Press Officer of the University of Heidelberg
phone: 06221/542310, fax: 54317

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