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24 May 2006

Alexander von Humboldt Foundation: Top Ranking for the University of Heidelberg

Vice-Rector Professor Dr. Angelos Chaniotis: "This ranking reflects the international renown and attractiveness of our university as a research location."

Which German universities do top-level international scientists and scholars make a beeline for? The Humboldt ranking counts the sojourns at German research institutions embarked on by the Foundation's research-grant recipients and award-winners. In the evaluation based on weighted figures (i.e. the number of sojourns per 100 professors) the University of Heidelberg is in second place overall.

"It is very gratifying that the University of Heidelberg should again be up among the leaders in this year's ranking by the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation," comments Professor Dr. Angelos Chaniotis, vice-Rector for international affairs. "We are in second place, as we were last year." He goes on to note that, like most others, this ranking cannot lay claim to general validity. "It reflects above all the international renown and attractiveness of our university as a research location. And this is absolutely crucial in view of the international competition between universities to attract leading researchers and step up research cooperation."

Between 2001 and 2005 there was a total of 4,943 long-term research sojourns in Germany by the Foundation's award-recipients. "The Humboldt ranking indicates which German institutions and which of their research sectors are so good that we can attract the best scientists and scholars for a research sojourn in Germany," explains the Foundation's general secretary Dr. Georg Schütte. "A leading position in our ranking is a quality indicator for the international reputation and the cosmopolitan outlook of German host institutions."

Every year the Humboldt Foundation enables over 1,800 scholars and scientists from all over the world to come to Germany for research purposes. The Foundation maintains a network of 22,000 Humboldt beneficiaries from all over the world and from all research fields, among them 40 Nobel Prize laureates.

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