17 August 1999

University of Heidelberg honours the memory of Ignatz Bubis

Ceremony officially conferring the title of Honorary Senator on the President of the Central Council of Jews in Germany to take place posthumously

The ceremony officially conferring the title of Honorary Senator of the Ruprecht-Karl University of Heidelberg on the recently deceased President of the Central Council of Jews in Germany, Ignatz Bubis, is to take place posthumously. The Rector of the University, Prof. Dr. Juergen Siebke, has informed Ignatz Bubis' widow of the University's plans in this connection. In a letter of condolence he expressed both his own personal sorrow and the loss that Ignatz Bubis' death represents for the University: "It came as a very great shock for us to hear of the sudden death of our Honorary Senator, Ignaz Bubis. We too feel an immense sense of personal loss now that he is no longer in our midst."

On 1 June 1999 the Senate resolved to confer the title of Honorary Senator on the President of the Central Council of Jews in Germany in recognition of his valuable support for the Institute of Jewish Studies, thus enriching the range of teaching and research being done at the University of Heidelberg. Replying to the Rector, Bubis expressed his great personal gratification at having been thus honoured. "This," said Rector Siebke, "is a great source of pride for the University."

Ignatz Bubis did not live to attend the ceremony in which this honour was to have been conferred on him in person, together with the presentation of the official documents and the honorary senator's medal. Rector Siebke informed Bubis' widow that the University would be honouring her husband posthumously with all the ceremony appropriate to such an occasion.

At the Senate meeting in early June, Siebke underlined the significance of Ignatz Bubis for the Institute of Jewish Studies, whose foundation 20 years previously was encouraged and supported by the University in a variety of ways. He reminded his audience that the Institute's course on Jewish Studies provided interested students with teaching on this subject of a breadth and depth unrivalled anywhere else in Germany. "Ignatz Bubis' efforts have strengthened the renown and the status of Heidelberg's Institute of Jewish Studies," said the Rector. "They have enhanced the scope of the Institute's possibilities and thus given it an additional opportunity to prove its excellence as a locus of teaching and scholarship within Heidelberg University."

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