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December 2003



    31 October 2003
  • New University Council for the University of Heidelberg
    Encouraging a mentality at the University that sees reform and change as a positive challenge—New Chairman: Dr. Dr. Peter Bettermann
  • 29 October 2003

  • Erik Dordal: Books in One Hand, a Ball in the Other
    Erik is a student at the "Internationales Studienzentrum" (ISZ; International Studies Centre) of the University of Heidelberg. He also plays basketball in the Federal League: "For me, a day without basketball would be a waste." — The sponsor and supporter of the USC team, Manfred Lautenschläger, backs promotion of the upcoming generation.
  • 22 October 2003

  • University of Heidelberg: Cooperation for Top-Level Competitive Sport
    Two years after the signing of the cooperation agreement: the situation has eased—Examples: student and vice world-champion Petra Dallmann; Fanny Rinne, European champion indoor hockey player
  • 16 October 2003

  • Heidelberg's Hope
    Fania Oz-Salzberger, University of Haifa, delivered the main lecture at the opening ceremony of the academic year at the University of Heidelberg
  • 16 October 2003

  • A 20-Year Partnership
    Ceremony and exhibition to mark the 20-year-old partnership between the University of Heidelberg and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem
  • 10 October 2003

  • Lautenschläger Research Prize Awarded to Prof. Krammer
    Federal research minister Bulmahn presented the Lautenschläger Research Prize 2003 to cancer research scientist Prof. Peter Krammer—Frau Bulmahn emphasised that the recipient's work in the field of controlled cell death opens up entirely new perspectives for cancer therapy
  • 9 October 2003

  • Multi-Media Service in Connection with the Presentation of the Lautenschläger Research Prize of the University of Heidelberg 2003
    Press Office provides special service: on the internet pages of the University of Heidelberg there are ready-made radio features and original statements for downloading—"Ruperto Carola" web magazine reports on-the-spot—Additional audio material on CD-ROM—The Lautenschläger Prize will be presented to Prof. Dr. Peter Krammer on 10 October 2003
  • 1 October 2003

  • Multi-Media Journalism Course Passes the Acid Test
    [HeidelR@d] "on the air" — Baden-Württemberg State Centre for Communication supports the project — What are Guido Westerwelle and Olaf Scholz doing in Room 102?









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