Letter of recommendation

Students can receive a letter of recommendation if they successfully participated in a course held by a memeber of the chair or if Prof. Dr. Jale Tosun supervised their Bachelor or Master thesis.

Please note that we do not offer to write a letter of recommendation for German master programs (only references are possible) and that students can only get one letter of recommendation which might be sent to up to 3 institutions.


Dates & Deadlines

The processing of an application takes at least three weeks. Exceptions for organizational reasons are NOT possible!


Required documents

Please make sure to gather all required documents (transcript of records, CV, information on the proposed program, if necessary motivation letter, further forms, other certificates, etc.) before contacting us!



When applying for a letter of recommendation, please send an Email to Ingeborg Zimmermann (ingeborg.zimmermann@ipw.uni-heidelberg.de) that contains all required documents along with specific information about you (contactr information, visited courses held by a memeber of our chair) and the program for which you wish to apply (Full address of the contact person, title of the position or program, name of institution or organization, date on which the  letter must be received, required number of copies, etc.).




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