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Lars Pelke

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Institute of Political Science
University Heidelberg
Bergheimer Straße 58
69115 Heidelberg



Lars Pelke is a PhD student at the Institute of Political Science at the University of Heidelberg. His research and teaching interests include democratization studies, authoritarianism, political economy, methods in comparative politics and social science methods.

Lars holds a B.A. in Political Science and Public Law from the University of Heidelberg and a Master in Political Science with a specialization in comparative politics from the University of Heidelberg. His master’s thesis, Redistributive Autocracies? Theory and empirics on redistribution of income in non-democracies (1960-2015), examined the role of redistribution of income in autocratic regimes and explained the magnitude of redistribution through nominally democratic institutions and legitimation strategies. In his PhD project, Dictators and Redistribution, Lars investigates the impact of redistributive policies and policy outcomes on regime stability and survival.

He has taught tutorial courses to Introduction to Political Science, Introduction to Comparative Politics, and he also reserved as a research assistant at the chair and at the Berlin Social Science Center. 


  • Pelke, Lars and Aurel Croissant (2018): Autokratische Redistribution – Institutionen, Legitimation und die Umverteilung von Einkommen in Nicht-Demokratien. (under review)
  • Friesen, Paul and Lars Pelke (2018): Debating the Direction in Democratization Studies    (Article in preparation, Democratization’s Special Issue by Michael Coppedge und David Kuehn)
  • Friesen, Paul and Lars Pelke (2018 forthcoming): Democratization Articles Data Set, Harvard Dataverse. Version 1. *
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