M. Faishal Aminuddin

Faishal Aminuddin  


Studied Indonesian History at the Airlangga University then obtain M.A in political science from Universitas Gadjah Mada. Since 2012, enrolled as Ph.D student at the Institute of Political Science, Heidelberg University. He wrote dissertation entited “Military Retirees in Politics: A Study on the Rise of Purnawirawan in Indonesian Political Parties 1998-2014”. His research starting with the question what explains the rise of military retirees as politician in post-1998 Indonesia? What is the consequence of this phenomenon to the deepening and consolidation of democracy in Indonesia?. This research seeks to explain institutional changes in political party development and the significance of the involvement of military retirees. Also to investigate military retirees’ performance in public offices, both at national and provincial levels. Then, to identify the contribution of the military retirees in democratization. This dissertation will specifically examine political parties with large number of military retired members. The research is looking at their involvement in party development and party organization and employs that role in assessing how the reorganization of military personnel after retirement has resulted in a particular political party development; one that directly influences elite configuration and interaction between political actors within civilian-military relations. Additionally, the research also seeks to analyze the organization of such political parties and how democratization functions when juxtaposed with the involvement of military retirees in political institutions.

He also conducting research on several areas such as democratization, political party, electoral system and civil-military relation in emerging democracies. 


Refereed journal articles

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