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  • Recording of William Binney's lecture is now available.

  • Recording of Milton Mueller's lecture is now available.

  • Recording of Michael Froomkin's lecture is now available.

  • You can learn more about the Internet Governance Group here.

Welcome to the website of the Internet Governance Group at Heidelberg University!


The internet changes our lives. It governs our world. But who governs the internet? Which rules and structures determine internet infrastructure and usage? Are national states incapable to regulate the virtual world? And how does the actual usage of the web relate to structures and possibilities of internet regulation? These questions and many more will be featured in the lecture series “Who governs the Internet? Interdisciplinary lecture series about regulatory structures and regulatory processes in Cyberspace”. It will take place during the winter semester 2014/15 and will feature excellent scholars and practitioners from Germany and abroad who will be invited to Heidelberg. The lecture series is organized by the Internet Governance Group, a network of young researchers from the disciplines of political science and international law. The Group aims at expanding interdisciplinary research on digital society and politics at Heidelberg University. If you are interested in our work, please explore our website, come to the lecture series or contact us.

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