Internet Governance Group

The Internet Governance Group at Heidelberg University is an interdisciplinary network of young researchers that investigates political regulation, juridification and usage of the internet. The focus is on research on internet governance, which is the (inter-)governmental and transnational regulation of the web, which includes the participation of diverse actors from politics, civil society and business. In their individual research, the members of the group work on:

  •     zur Regulierung des Internets im Spannungsfeld von transnationaler Offenheit und strukturellen Schließungstendenzen,
  •     Internet regulation and political online communication in democracies and autocracies,
  •     Cybersecurity policies of different states (Germany, United Kingdom, USA) and international Organizations (EU, NATO) from a role theoretical perspective,
  •     The relationship between internet technology and civil rights from the perspective of international law.

The members of the group are available as speakers for presentations or workshops on a variety of topics related to internet governance and internet politics. The group also organizes events with experts from the scientific community, politics and other branches of society. In this regard, the lecture series “Who governs the internet?” is a highlight in the academic year in the winter semester 2014/15 at Heidelberg University. It is initiated and planned by the Internet Governance Group.

The group aims at establishing and expanding interdisciplinary research on internet governance and internet politics at Heidelberg University. There are strong ties to the founding institution, the Institute of Political Science, and connections to the Max Planck Institute for Comparative Public Law and International Law. It is a declared goal to establish co-operations with scientists from further faculties and institutes.

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