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Taiwan Executive Leadership Program (TELP)


The Institute for Political Science of the University of Heidelberg is proud to host the Taiwanese Executive Leadership Program (TELP). Designed specifically for local officials from Taiwan, the TELP is a two-week program starting on July 27th 2015. The training program is organized in co-operation with the Talent Development Institute for Local Government (TDILG) (地方行政研習中心). The institute is under the jurisdiction of Directorate-General of Personnel Administration (DGPA) (行政院人事行政總處) which is a branch of the Executive Yuan (行政院).


In its capacity as a part of the executive arm of the Government of the Republic of China, the TDILG is responsible for the policy implementation and correspondence between local and central government especially with regard to proceeding training for local officials. The TDILG promotes on-job training for junior and senior local civil servants in terms of lifelong learning and the overall improvement of the quality and efficiency of the service. In this context, TELP represents the final stage in the extensive training process for Taiwanese public servants. This year, various prominent experts from the world of science and politics will introduce the TELP participants to German policies and governance with a specific focus on Germany’s administrative capacities and Germany’s role in a globalized world of common responsibilities.

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