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Marília Pinheiro Pereira - Expert in Brasilian Portuguese
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The Leitorado Brasileiro is one of 23 offices worldwide that are supported by the Brasilian Ministry of Foreign Affairs through the Department for the Promotion of the Portuguese Language.

Divisão de Promoção da Língua PortuguesaDPLP


The Leitorado Brasileiro supports the teaching and study of Brasilian Portuguese at Heidelberg University. It is affiliated with the Heidelberg Center for Ibero-American Studies (HCIAS).


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Brazil in Heidelberg: Leitorado Brasileiro at the HCIAS

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Discover a little bit of Brazil through Cordel Literature.

Presentation open to the public with Dr. Paola Tôrres (Brazilian Academy of Cordel Literature)

Hybrid event with simultaneous interpreting into German.

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The Leitorado Brasileiro supports teaching and research on Brazilian Portuguese at Heidelberg University. It is affiliated with the Heidelberg Center for Ibero-American Studies (HCIAS). The Leitorado Brasileiro is one of the 30 seats of the Guimarães Rosa Institute worldwide, which is dedicated to the promotion of research and teaching of the Portuguese spoken in Brazil and contributes to the spread of Brazilian culture and literature in Germany.

Pelourinho – Centro Histórico – Salvador – Bahia – Brasil

In Brazil, a rich cultural and linguistic diversity has developed due to the immigration of different peoples and their mixing with the native population. The Leitorado Brasileiro seeks dialogue between languages and cultures and to raise awareness of Brazil’s diversity through scientifically oriented teaching and research, as well as cultural exchange at Heidelberg University.

The scientific and cultural events, coordinated in conjunction with the HCIAS of Heidelberg University, are aimed at those interested in Brazil and the Portuguese language.

More information about current events from the Leitorado Brasileiro may be found on this website


The program Leitorado Brasileiro has existed since 1953 with the goal of spreading the Portuguese language and Brazilian culture at universities across the globe. Since September 2022, the Leitorado Brasileiro has been supported by the Guimarães Rosa Institute of the Brazilian Ministry of Foreign Affairs' "Department for the Promotion of the Portuguese Language (DPLP)".

The program Leitorado Brasileiro has representation on all continents. Information on each individual Leitorado can be found here



Marília Pinheiro PereiraMarília Pinheiro Pereira
Expert on Brazilian Portuguese
+49 (0)6221 54-19328




Dr. Katrin Berty
Heidelberg Center for Ibero-American Studies HCIAS
HCIAS Executive Director
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