IZN Annual Retreat 2022

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Dear Colleagues,

Update 14.07.2022: the Program and Poster Abstracts are here Adobe

Your scientific committee has been working hard to put together a fabulous group of speakers for this year's annual IZN retreat, which will explore the science behind, possibilities of, and limitations to the use of psychedelics in neuroscience and medicine!


  • When: Sunday, July 17th to Tuesday, July 19th, 2022
  • Where: As in previous years, the retreat will take place at Kloster Schöntal.  
  • Getting there and back: Transportation to Schöntal will be with the IZN hired bus, your own car or bike-and-camp the day before (see below). Due to limited space in the bus, we will need your binding reservation at the time of registration (one-way or round-trip).


  • Registration deadline: May 20th
  • Register online. Fill out the form completely, including all meals you will attend so that we know how many meals and rooms to reserve.
  • Price per person for three days (incl. full board) is between 289€ and 319€. For those who do not wish to stay overnight, the participation fee for one day will be approximately 70€.
  • Payment: All participants (except the speakers) will be required to pay the bill before departing from Schöntal. Of course, you may be reimbursed from the travel budget of your own groups.


  • Be prepared for awesome science talks from renowned and upcoming experts in the field, including:

Katrin Preller, Franz Vollenweider, Natasha Mason, Christian Klein, Dino Luethi, Malin Schmidt, Tobias Buchborn, Gerhard Gründer, and Nicolas Langlitz

  • There will also be:
    • A poster jam featuring three short student presentations selected from among the submitted abstracts
    • A panel discussion exploring the possibilities and potential pitfalls of working with psychedelics
    • A case study of psychedelics in psychotherapy
    • A poster session showcasing the outstanding work of our young IZN scholars


  • Best IZN student poster
  • Best psychedelic poster design
  • Presentation of the Foundation BrainAid IZN Master's Award
  • Presentation of the Foundation BrainAid IZN Dissertation Award
  • Presentation of the IZN/Chica and Heinz Schaller Young Investigator Neuroscience Award, including a short presentation by the winner


  • Registration deadline: May 20th
  • Register online. Required information includes authors, title, and ≤250 word abstract.
  • All IZN PhD students in attendance from the second year on are required to participate in the poster session. Master students and postdocs are also highly encouraged to participate.
  • Poster format: A0 portrait (841 mm wide x 1189 tall); PowerPoint template available.
  • Poster prize: The best poster of a PhD or Master student will be awarded with a 100€ prize. Selection will be based on scientific excellence and on-site presentation.
  • Best psychedelic poster design: The poster of any participant with the best psychedelic design will also be awarded a special prize!


  • Sunday afternoon canoeing: As in previous years, there will be a canoeing tour on the Jagst river.
    • Cost: ~22€/person, payable via Paypal to the IZN Coordinator
    • Duration: ~3.5 hours
    • Requirements: You must be able to swim.  Please also make sure that you are in good physical shape, as canoeing can be rather exhausting.  
    • If this is your first canoeing trip, then it is advisable to share your boat with an experienced partner.
    • Useful hints and more useful hints.
    • You will receive additional information after the meeting registration is closed.
  • Sunday afternoon guided monastery tour: As an alternative to canoeing, there will be a guided tour through the monastery (cost ~ 7€, payable via Paypal to the IZN Coordinator).
  • Monday evening: come enjoy some tasty barbeque and jam with Jazz Pastry, the band of our very own Christoph Schuster. Then stay and dance into the morning with DJ Bengodiazepine and his psychedelic music mix.
  • Science pub quiz
  • Neuroscience art contest: EVERYONE is encouraged to submit: paintings, drawings, sculptures, pottery, poetry, performance art,...; paper, cloth, metal, wood, clay,...


  • Award for the poster design best fitting with the theme of this year's retreat
  • Psychedelic(?) neuroscience-themed art
  • Bike trip to Schöntal and camping: July 16th and travel with your bike on the bus for the return journey. Anyone interested should contact Peter Bengtson (bengtson@nbio.uni-heidelberg.de).


  • Nomination/self-nomination deadline for the IZN/Chica and Heinz Schaller Young Investigator Neuroscience Award, the Foundation BrainAid IZN Master’s Award and the Foundation BrainAid IZN Dissertation Award: May 20th 2022
  • Online Retreat Registration: May 20th 2022
  • Online Poster Registration and abstract submission: May 20th 2022
  • Announcement of short-talk speakers for the poster jam: June 17th 2022.

Note for speakers

This year the Retreat will be shared online via ZOOM. For this reason all presentations will be transferred to the IZN laptop, so you just need to provide your presentation on a stick formatted for Windows. For Mac users, this is best done using a stick formatted as ExFAT.


We look very much forward to an exciting and inspiring IZN Retreat 2022!

Best regards,

Your IZN retreat organizers,
Hilmar Bading, Anna M.H. Hertle, Antje König, Alan Summerfield, Peter Bengtson, Lea Mertens, Simone Berkel, Florian Bähner and Sascha Moldavski


Contact: IZN.Coordinator@uni-heidelberg.de
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