Neurobiology Lectures WS2014-15

Neurobiology Lectures take place on Wednesdays, 13:00, alternating with the IZN seminars. Dates, rooms and speakers are indicated below.

Prospective hosts: please select an available slot, agree the date with your speaker and get in contact with the IZN administrator Ute Volbehr ( who will confirm the date, include the booking on this web page, distribute an e-mail announcement and handle reimbursement of travel costs and honorarium.

The audience may include students and colleagues who are non-experts on the subject of the talk, therefore the speaker should introduce the topic in general terms.

Hosts: If you have invited a speaker, please make sure that the projection equipment required by your guest is available in the lecture hall. HS2 is unlocked during the lecture period, otherwise the key must be obtained from the Hausverwaltung (closed at lunchtime).

green = available   yellow.gif = reserved   red.gif = booked

  Date / Place Speaker Title Host
red.gif 17.09.14, 13:00
INF 306, HS2
Carlos Dotti, Madrid, Spain Brain cholesterol metabolism changes during aging: effect on neuronal survival and plasticity IZN PhD Students
red.gif 01.10.14, 13:00
INF 306, HS2
Klaus Maier-Hein, Heidelberg Cartography of the mind - diffusion MRI as a probe of neural tissue architecture Hilmar Bading
red 15.10.14, 13:00
INF 306, HS2
Genevieve Konopka, Dallas, USA Molecular networks and human cognition: correspondence among brain gene expression, neuronal function, and disease Christian Schultz
red 29.10.14, 13:00
INF 306, HS2
Bassem Hassan, Leuven, Belgium The beauty of uncertainty: stochastic mechanisms in brain wiring Carmen Ruiz de Almodovar
red 12.11.14, 13:00
INF 306, HS2
Esther Stoeckli, Zurich Molecular Mechanisms Regulating Morphogen Function During Neural Circuit Formation IZN PhD Students
red 26.11.14, 13:00
INF 306, HS2
Simon E. Fisher, Nijmegen, Holland FOXP2 as a molecular window into speech and language Gudrun Rappold
red 10.12.14, 13:00
INF 306, HS2
Isabel Perez-Otano, Pamplona, Spain Juvenile NMDA receptors containing GluN3A: gate-keepers of synapse development, cognition and neurodegenerative disease Jakob von Engelhardt
red 07.01.15, 13:00
INF 306, HS2
Susanne Becker, Mannheim

When pain and reward are simultaneously present: perception, motivation, and underlying brain mechanisms

Herta Flor
red.gif 21.01.15, 13:00
INF 306, HS2
Oliver Brüstle, Bonn Programming stem cells for neurological disease modelling and neural repair IZN PhD Students
red.gif 04.02.15, 13:00
INF 306, HS2


red.gif 18.02.15, 13:00
INF 306, HS2
Alain Prochiantz, Paris Homeoprotein signaling points towards the choroid plexus as an underestimated regulator of brain development and physiology Ulrike Müller
red.gif 04.03.15, 13:00
INF 306, HS2
Tomasz J. Prószyński, Warsaw What can we learn from pretzels? The Molecular Machinery that Orchestrates Synaptic Remodeling Rüdiger Rudolf
red.gif 18.03.15, 13:00
INF 306, HS2
Elizabeth Bradbury, London Chondroitin sulfate proteoglycans in CNS plasticity, regeneration and repair
Armin Blesch
red.gif 01.04.15, 13:00
INF 306, HS2
Hanns Lochmüller, Newcastle Clinical phenotypes of inherited neuromuscular transmission disorders
Rüdiger Rudolf


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