Neurobiology Lectures WS 2011/12

Neurobiology Lectures take place on Wednesdays, 13:00, alternating with IZN seminars. Dates, rooms and speakers are indicated below.

Prospective hosts: please, select an open slot (green light: slot still open; yellow: slot under discussion, red: confirmed), discuss the date with your speaker, and get in contact with the IZN secretary Ute Volbehr ( ). She will confirm the date, take care that the reservation shows on this web page, print and distribute the announcement, and handle reimbursement of travel costs and honorarium.

The audience may include students and colleagues who are non-experts on the subject of the talk. Therefore, talks should introduce the topic in general enough terms.

Hosts: If you have invited a speaker, please make sure that the projection equipment required by your guest is available at the lecture hall. Keys for HS2, INF 306, are available from Frau Sternberger at the Hausverwaltung, room 101, INF 326, phone: 54-8544. Please make sure to get them in time.

  Date Speaker Title Host Place
redn 21.09.2011    lecture has been cancelled   INF 306, HS2, 13:00
redn 05.10.2011    
 lecture has been cancelled
  INF 306, HS2, 13:00
red 19.10.2011 Ernst Bamberg, Frankfurt Microbial Rhodopsins: light-gated channels and pumps as optogenetic tools in neuro and cell biology Hannah Monyer INF 306, HS2, 13:00
red 02.11.2011 Michael J. Schmeisser, Ulm IKK/NF-kappaB signaling in synapse formation and spine maturation Rolf Sprengel INF 306, HS2, 13:00
red 23.11.2011 Peter Soba, Hamburg Organization of sensory dendritic fields by cell surface receptors Hilmar Bading INF 306, HS2, 13:00
red 07.12.2010 Matthew Rasband, Houston The functional organization of axons in health and disease Christian Schultz INF 306, HS2, 13:00
  Christmas Holidays        
red 11.01.2012 Sonja Kotz, Leipzig


Herta Flor INF 306, HS2, 13:00
red 25.01.2012 Jacqueline Trotter, Mainz Wrapping it up: Glial Neuron interactions in myelination and at synapses Alexander von Holst INF 306, HS2, 13:00
red 08.02.2012 Juan Burrone, London Visualizing the formation and maturation of functional synaptic contacts Johann Bollmann INF 306, HS2, 13:00
red 22.02.2012 Alexander von Holst Chondroitin Sulfates - The Sweet Side of Neural Stem Cell Biology Hilmar Bading INF 306, HS2, 13:00
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