Neurobiology Lectures SS2013

Neurobiology Lectures take place on Wednesdays, 13:00, alternating with the IZN seminars. Dates, rooms and speakers are indicated below.

Prospective hosts: please select an available slot, agree the date with your speaker and get in contact with the IZN administrator Ute Volbehr ( who will confirm the date, include the booking on this web page, distribute an e-mail announcement and handle reimbursement of travel costs and honorarium.

The audience may include students and colleagues who are non-experts on the subject of the talk, therefore the topic should be introduced in general terms.

Hosts: If you have invited a speaker, please make sure that the projection equipment required by your guest is available at the lecture hall. The key for HS2, INF 306, is available from the Hausverwaltung. Please be sure to get the key in time.

green = available   yellow.gif = reserved   red.gif = booked
  Date Speaker Title Host Place
red 13.03.13, 13:00 Tobias Böckers, Ulm From molecules of excitatory synapses to autism spectrum disorders Gudrun Rappold INF 306, HS2
red.gif 27.03.13, 13:00 Cancelled     INF 306, HS2
red.gif 10.04.13, 13:00 Cancelled     INF 306, HS2
red 24.04.13, 13:00 Mathew E. Diamond, Triest, Italy Perception and working memory of tactile stimuli Thomas Kuner INF 306, HS2
red 15.05.13, 13:00 Andrew Oxenham, Minneapolis Pitch coding for music and speech perception André Rupp INF 306, HS2
red 22.05.13, 13:00 Matthijs Verhage, Amsterdam Vesicle trafficking and secretion in mammalian neurons Thomas Kuner INF 306, HS2
red 19.06.13, 13:00 Ali Ertürk
Genentech, San Francisco
Sculpting the nervous system: spine elimination and dendrite retraction by local apoptosis Carmen Ruiz de Almodóvar INF 306, HS2
red 26.06.13, 13:00 Wolfgang Driever, Freiburg The Orthopedia-dependent forebrain: dopamine, light, action Soojin Ryu INF 306, HS2
green 10.07.13, 13:00


Summer break until Sept 11, 2013

  INF 306, HS2


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