Neurobiology Lectures SS 2021

Neurobiology Lectures take place online on Wednesdays, 13:00, alternating with the IZN seminars. Dates and speakers are indicated below.

Prospective hosts: select an available slot, agree the date with your speaker and get in contact with the IZN Secretary Mr. Ferhat Dikmen who will confirm the date, include the booking on this web page, distribute an e-mail announcement and handle the reimbursement of travel expenses.

The audience may include students and colleagues who are non-experts on the subject of the talk, therefore the speaker should introduce the topic in general terms.

Information for Speakers Externer Inhalt

The link for online lectures is distributed on the IZN-ANNOUNCE mailing list. Subscribe here from your Uni-ID or HD/MA institution email address.


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  Date / Place   Speaker Title Host
red.gif 14.04.21, 13:00

'IZN Concepts Talk'

Prof. Rüdiger Rudolf

Faculty of Biotechnology
Mannheim University of Applied Sciences
University of Heidelberg

Moderator: Sarah Janice Hörner

Cruising in Fluorescent Waters: cAMPaign for Sympathetic Interactions  
red.gif 28.04.21, 13:00

'IZN Concepts Talk'

Dr. Radhika Puttagunta

Neuroregeneration Laboratory

Spinal Cord Injury Center

University Hospital Heidelberg

Moderator: Bahardokht Tolou-Dabbaghian

How does regenerative biology approach Spinal Cord Injury? Overcoming the obstacles  
red.gif 12.05.21, 13:00

Dr Hans Jürgen Solinski

Experimental Pain Research
Mannheim Centre for Translational Neuroscience
Medical Faculty Mannheim

Of mice and men: The role of Nppb-neurons in itch detection SFB1158
green 26.05.21 13:00


red.gif 02.06.2021 13:00

'IZN Concepts Talk'

Dr. Georgia Rapti

Developmental Biology Unit,
European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL),

Moderator: Laura Sabou

Dissecting brain formation in vivo: from molecular dialogues to tissue assembly through glia-neuron interactions  
red.gif 09.06.21, 13:00

Dr. Christoph Korn

Department of General Adult Psychiatry
University Hospital, Heidelberg

Neuro-computational models for multistep decision-making and social learning in humans SFB1158
red.gif 23.06.21, 13:00

'IZN Concepts Talk'

Prof. Dr. Carmen Ruiz de Almodóvar

Medizinische Fakultät der Universität Heidelberg

Universitätsklinikum Mannheim

Moderator: Dr. Robert Luck

Neurovascular interactions in the central nervous system  
red.gif 07.07.21, 13:00

'IZN Concepts Talk'

Prof. Dr. Hannah Monyer

Clinical Neurobiology

Deutsches Krebsforschungszentrum DKFZ


Universitätsklinikum Heidelberg

Local and distant inhibition in neuronal circuits

red.gif 14.07.2021 13:00

Prof. Dr. Christian Klämbt

Institute of Neuro- and Behavioral Biology

University of Münster

Wrapping glial cells and the regulation of neuronal activity Georgia Rapti
red.gif 21.07.21, 13:00

Prof. Ulrich Reininghaus

Central Institute of Mental Health, Mannheim

Digital assessment and intervention in real-world public mental health provision

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