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Mailing lists


Subscribing persons / mailing lists




To send a message, the sender must be a subscriber to one of these IZN lists or a subscribing mailing list on the Uni. Listserv server.


If you would like to receive announcements concerning IZN events and information, subscribe to the IZN-ANNOUNCE list. The application will be considered by the IZN Listmaster. Subscribe with your institution e-mail address – other e-mail addresses will not be accepted (spam protection).

IZN PhD Students are subscribed to the IZN-PHD-STUDENTS list manually by the IZN Doctoral Program administrator.

IZN Investigators are subscribed to the IZN-INVESTIGATORS list manually by the IZN Coordinator.



Subscribe to the IZN calendars by copying the following addresses (https://…ics) into your iCalendar-based application ***:


General IZN Events:


Neurobiology Lectures:


IZN Seminars:


BCCN Seminars (inactive since 2016):


*** In some calendar apps, synchronisation is off by default and must be activated for each calendar.

Upcoming events

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