Seminars SS 2021

The IZN Seminar usually takes place every 2 weeks on Wednesdays 13:00-14:00 as an IZN Webinar, hosted on the University's server. Each seminar has an access code which is announced on the IZN mailing lists.

Each speaker (usually two on the day) has ca. 25 minutes to present their projects plus 5 minutes for questions. The talks are in English.

The audience may include students and colleagues who are non-experts on the subject of the talk, therefore the speaker should introduce the topic in general terms.

Each speaker should provide a host who will briefly introduce the speaker and moderate the questions after the talk.

Group leaders: please arrange a speaker and get in contact with the IZN Administrator Dr. Otto Bräunling, who will include the booking on this page and distribute an announcement.

Information for Speakers Externer Inhalt

Date / Place Speaker(s) Title
07.04.2021 13:00

Bettina Weigel (AG Mall)

Host: Dr. Moritz Mall

Studying autism in mouse and human models using cell fate engineering  

Susanne Klein (AG Müller)

Host: Prof. Ulrike Müller

Triple knockout of APP-Family alters brain morphology and disrupts basal synaptic transmission and synaptic plasticity
21.04.2021 13:00
05.05.2021 13:00

Bettina Bohl (AG Koch)

Host: Prof. Philipp Koch

How lysosomes act as asymmetry factors in human neural stem cell division

Kristina Zuza (AG Siemens)

Host: Prof. Jan Siemens

RNA sequencing approaches for neuronal population marker search

19.05.2021 13:00

Malin Schmidt (AG Koch)

Host: Prof. Philipp Koch

The psychedelic psilocin fosters neuroplasticity in iPSC-derived human cortical neurons

Julia Wangemann (AG Koch)

Host: Prof. Philipp Koch

Human iPSC-derived microglia - Towards modeling synaptic pruning-associated changes in schizophrenia

16.06.2021 13:00

Elena Muñoz Perez-Vico (AG Koch)

Host: Prof. Philipp Koch

Implications of the val66met polymorphism of the BDNF gene on neuronal morphology and function using human iPSC-derived neuronal cultures

Steffen Saß (AG T. Kuner)

Host: Prof. Thomas Kuner

Multiplexed super-resolution imaging of SV proteins at the Calyx of Held

30.06.2021 13:00

Andreas Hüllen (AG Thiel)

Host: Dr. Christian Thiel

GFUS-CDG, a new glycosylation disorder treatable with L-fucose

Carola Leitner (AG Braunbeck)

Host: N.N.

Zebrafish embryo – a reliable model for neurotoxicity testing?
28.07.2021 13:00
Lars Beedgen (AG Thiel)  

Nunzia Papotto (AG Frings)

Host: Prof. Stefan Frings

Suppression of trigeminal pain by odorants
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