Information for Speakers


Talks are held in English.

Seminars should be ca. 30 minutes long including 5 minutes for questions.

Lectures and Concepts Talks should be ca. 1 hour long including ca. 10 minutes for questions.

We ask that the supervisor (for students), another post-doc or the group leader (for post-docs) or a post-doc (for group leaders) introduces you to the audience.

The presentation will be displayed using PowerPoint for Windows. If your presentation was created using different software or operating system, please check it with PowerPoint on a Windows PC for possible changes in the text formatting.


To start a video in a PowerPoint slide using the forward button, select the video image, go to the Animations tab, select 'Play' and next to 'Start' choose either 'With previous' (= immediately) or 'On click' (= forward button).

To play a video in a loop: double-click the video, select the Playback tab and click 'Loop until Stopped'.

Hybrid talks held in the lecture halls or seminar rooms in the Theoretikum, Im Neuenheimer Feld

As some IZN research groups are based outside Heidelberg, the talk is 'hybrid', that is in front of an audience and with a live stream over ZOOM. We cannot rule out the possibility that there will be non-IZN participants in the ZOOM meeting.

An IZN technician will help the speaker prepare for the talk. Please be in the seminar room at least 5 minutes early.

The presentation will be shared on ZOOM, therefore the presentation will be transferred to the IZN computer either from the speaker's own USB stick formatted for Windows (Mac users should use a stick formatted as exFAT) or using a USB stick provided by the IZN technician.

Supported presentation formats are PowerPoint and PDF.

Unfortunately it is  not  possible to use 'Presenter' mode (where the next slide and notes are displayed for the speaker on the PC monitor).

A LOGITECH SPOTLIGHT presenter (light pointer with slide changer) will be provided. This will show a spot on both the projection screen and also in the presentation on ZOOM.

In cases where the introducing person cannot be present, an introduction by ZOOM can be arranged, but in person is preferable.

Public transport: the most convenient tram/bus stop is Bunsengymnasium.

Car parking: the easiest place to park is in the underground Parkhaus im Mathematikon.

Talks held online only

The ZOOM platform will be used. Use the latest Zoom software (downloadable here), not a browser.

The IZN ZOOM host will help the speakers prepare for their talks.

Set ZOOM audio settings as follows:

  • Suppress Background Noise: Automatic
  • 'Windows' operating system: Audio settings -> Advanced -> Signal processing by Windows audio device drivers: OFF to prevent sound distortion.

Use a cable network connection if possible, not WiFi.

A headset (headphones with microphone) provides the best sound quality for the participants. Macs need a headset with a USB connection. Some USB headsets do not work well with USB multi-port adapters.

Normally the presentation fills the screen, which can be a problem if you have just the one screen. If you prefer to show your presentation in a window:

  • Microsoft 'PowerPoint':     click the Reading View icon (looks like an open book) at the bottom of the window
  • Or:    Slide Show tab    >    Set Up Slide Show    >    Browsed by an individual (window)
  • Apple 'Keynote':     Play menu   >   Play slideshow in window
  • LibreOffice 'Impress':     Slide Show menu    >    Slide Show Settings    >    Presentation Mode: In a window
  • then:    adjust the window so it fits the presentation and select this window for sharing in ZOOM
  • Don't make the window too small, or the image will be pixelated
  • The presentation window will need a mouse-click to make it active for the keyboard arrow keys to change the slides.

You can use presenter mode (to see your notes and the next slide) on a single screen by sharing the slide part. From 'Share Screen', choose Advanced -> Share portion of the screen (a coloured frame appears). Start the presentation in presenter mode and fit the coloured frame to the slide area.

if the presentation contains sound Share sound in the 'Share Screen' window or Share Computer Sound in the 'More' menu should be active.

To turn the mouse into a laser point in PowerPoint:

Windows: hold the <ctrl> key and press the mouse button

Mac: right-click and select Pointer Options > Hidden, then hold the <opt> key and press the mouse button

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