Wittum group

Computational Neuroscience as part of the Chair Simulation in Technology


Gabriel Wittum

University of Frankfurt
Kettenhofweg 139
60325 Frankurt a. Main

Phone:  +49-69-79825258
Fax:  +49-69-79825268
Email:  wittum@techsim.org
Website:  http://atlas.gcsc.uni-frankfurt.de/~gwittum/

Research Summary

Main focus of our work is modeling the signal processing in neurons and networks of neurons in order to obtain a quantitative understanding of neuronal coding, structure of cortex at subcellular resolution and plasticity. to that end we develop models, algorithms and software in the framework of cooperative projects. An important platform for this cooperation is the newly established Bernstein- Group DMSPiN.

Structure of the Group

Group Leader:  Gabriel Wittum
Senior Scientist:  Michael Heisig
Postdoctoral fellows:  Vadym Aizinger, Alfio Grillo, Markus Knodel, Michael Lampe, Dimitrij Logaschenko
PhD-Students:  Babett Lemke, Arne Nägel, Gillian Queisser
Scientists:  Katrin Cramer-Langer, Dirk Feuchter, Alexander Heusel, Oktavia Klassen, Eva-Maria Ortinau
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