Vertebrate retina development and differentiation

Wittbrodt Joachim Wittbrodt

Department of Developmental Biology
Unversity of Heidelberg
INF 230
69120 Heidelberg
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Research Summary

In vertebrates, patterning of the anterior neural plate culminates in the defined expression of the evolutionarily conserved transcription factors Six3 and Pax6. In the region where Six3 and Pax6 expression overlap, retinal fate is specified. Under the influence of midline signalling the retinal anlage is split into two retinal primordia. Six3 is also required in this process. The two retinal primordia require the homeobox containing transcription factor Rx3 for their evagination to form the optic vesicle.Those are further subdivided to give rise to neural retina, retinal pigmented epithelium and optic stalk respectively. In anamniotes, the ciliary margin of the neural retina contains a stem cell population that gives rise to all retinal cell types and facilitates live long growth of the eye.

Structure of the Group

Group Leader:  Joachim Wittbrodt
Postdoctoral fellows:  Lazaro Centanin, Petra Haas, Stephan Heermann, Daigo Inoue, Alvaro Mateos, Mirana Ramialison, Stephanie Schneider, Ina Weisswange
PhD Students:  Burkard Höckendorf, Stephan Kirchmaier, Robert Reinhardt, Annette Schmidt, Rebecca Sinn
Undergraduates:  Janina Ander


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