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Nees, T.A., Tappe-Theodor, A., Sliwinski, C., Motsch, M., Rupp, R., Kuner, R., Weidner, N., and Blesch, A. (2016)
Early-onset treadmill training reduces mechanical allodynia and modulates calcitonin gene-related peptide fiber density in lamina III/IV in a mouse model of spinal cord contusion injury.
Pain. 157: 687-97.

Ruschel, J., F. Hellal, K.C. Flynn, S. Dupraz, D.A. Elliott, A. Tedeschi, M. Bates, C. Sliwinski, G. Brook, K. Dobrindt, M. Peitz, O. Brustle, M.D. Norenberg, A. Blesch, N. Weidner, M.B. Bunge, J.L. Bixby, and F. Bradke, (2015)
Systemic administration of epothilone B promotes axon regeneration after spinal cord injury.
Science. 348: 347-52.

Pawar, K., P. Prang, R. Müller, M. Caioni, U. Bogdahn, W. Kunz, and N. Weidner, (2015)
Intrinsic and extrinsic determinants of central nervous system axon outgrowth into alginate-based anisotropic hydrogels.
Acta Biomater, 27: p. 131-9.

Hänselmann, S., M. Schneiders, N. Weidner, and R. Rupp, (2015)
Transcranial magnetic stimulation for individual identification of the best electrode position for a motor imagery-based brain-computer interface.
J Neuroeng Rehabil, 12: p. 71

Rupp, R., D. Schliessmann, H. Plewa, C. Schuld, H.J. Gerner, N. Weidner, E.P. Hofer, and M. Knestel, (2015)
Safety and Efficacy of At-Home Robotic Locomotion Therapy in Individuals with Chronic Incomplete Spinal Cord Injury: A Prospective, Pre-Post Intervention, Proof-of-Concept Study.
PLoS One. 10(3): e0119167.

R. Rupp, D. Schließmann, C. Schuld, N. Weidner (2015):
Capter 32 – Technology to enhance locomotion.
In: Dietz,V, Ward N., Oxford Textbook for Neurorehabilitation, Oxford University Press, 385-398.

Sandner B., Rivera F.J., Caioni M., Nicholson L., Eckstein V., Bogdahn U., Aigner L., Blesch A., Weidner N. (2013)
Bone morphogenetic proteins prevent bone marrow stromal cell-mediated oligodendroglial differentiation of transplanted adult neural progenitorcells in the injured spinal cord.
Stem Cell Research 11: 758-77.

Prang P., Müller R., Eljaouhari A., Heckmann K., Kunz W, Weber T., Faber C., Vroemen M., Bogdahn U., Weidner N. (2006)
The promotion of oriented axonal regrowth in the injured spinal cord by alginate-based anisotropic capillary hydrogels.
Biomaterials 27: 3560-3569.

Weidner N., Ner A., Salimi N. and Tuszynski M.H. (2001)
Spontaneous corticospinal axonal plasticity and functional recovery after adult central nervous system injury.
Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U S A 98: 3513-3518.

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