Unsicker group

TGF-ß, FGF and neurotrophins in neural development and functions


Klaus Unsicker

Institute of Anatomy and Cell Biology
Department of Molecular Embryology
University of Freiburg
79104 Freiburg

Phone:  +49-761-2035193
Fax:  +49-761-2035091
Email:  ku39@anat.uni-freiburg.de
Website:  http://portal.uni-freiburg.de/anatomie2

Research Summary

We are interested in the functions of three major families of growth factors in the developing and adult nervous system. We focus on the development of neural crest derivatives, functions of limbic areas and mesostriatal / mesolimbic systems in health and disease. An important topic in the research of the laboratory is the molecular understanding of neuronal survival and death. Methodologies include mouse mutants, cell and tissue culture, biochemistry, molecular biology, histology, and electrophysiology.

Structure of the Group

Group Leader:  Klaus Unsicker
Senior scientists:  Oliver von Bohlen und Halbach, Andreas Schober
Postdoctoral fellows:  Alexei Egorov, Katrin Huber, Jojanneke Huck, Heike Peterziel, Jens Strelau
Scientists:  Carmen Carillo-Garcia, Brandon Cline, Krithi Irmady, Jarek Jarosik, Lakshmi Kumaraswany, Tina Paech, Marie Schier, Sandra Werner
Undergraduates:  Sonja Krause, Sebastian Prochnow, Sabrina Zechel
Technicians:  Gerald Bendner, Barbara Brühl, Jutta Fey, Richard Hertel, Ursula Hinz, Petra Viforkas-Marzi
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