Spors group

Spatio-temporal patterns of neuronal activity in the healthy and diseased brain


Hartwig Spors

Department of Cell Physiology
MPI for medical research
Jahnstr. 29
69120 Heidelberg

Phone:  +49-69-6303-4005
Fax:  +49-69-6303-4204
Email:  hartwig.spors@mpibp-frankfurt.mpg.de
Website:  www.mpibp-frankfurt.mpg.de/spors

Research Summary

We examine spatio-temporal stimulus representations in vivo. Using a combination of behavioral tests, electro-, and optophysiological techniques we study how spatial and temporal aspects of these stimulus representations drive downstream neurons and finally predict behavior. A genetic model for human epilepsy allows us to extend these measurements to determine changes of population activity in the diseased brain

Structure of the Group

Group Leader Hartwig Spors
Postdoctoral fellows Frederic von Wegner
Undergraduates Rebecca Böhme, Nilufar Shahshahani, Dmitrij Turaev
MD students Daniel Golkowski, Thomas Künsting, Jens Witsch
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