The neurobiology of drug addiction

Spanagel Rainer Spanagel

Department of Psychopharmacology
Central Institute of Mental Health
68159 Mannheim
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Research Summary

In the Department of Psychopharmacology our major interest is in drug abuse research. In particular, we are working on alcohol dependence and the co-morbidity to anxiety and depression. We have also several projects on cocaine, opioids, cannabinoids and nicotine. Our close collaboration with the Clinic of Addictive Behaviour at the CIMH (Prof. K. Mann) enables us to rapidly translate our preclinical findings into alcohol/ drug dependent patients. A further translational arm concerns human genetic studies in combination with neuroimaging.

Structure of the Group

Group Leader:  Rainer Spanagel
Senior scientists:  Peter Gebicke-Haerter, Cornelius Pawlak, Wolfgang Sommer
Postdoctoral fellows:  Ainhoa Bilbao Leis, Anna Molander, Stephanie Perreau-Lenz, Miriam Schneider, Valentina Vengeliene
PhD Students:  Chris Maria Feichtinger, Briac Halbout, Fernando Leonardi-Essmann, Nina Reinmuth,  Peggy Schneider
Technicians:  Sabrina Koch, Katja Lankisch, Elisabeth Röbel, Claudia Schäfer


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