Molecular mechanisms mediating regulated exocytosis

Soellner Thomas Söllner

Biochemistry Center (BZH)
University of Heidelberg
INF 345
69120 Heidelberg
Phone:  +49-6221-545342
Fax:  +49-6221-545341

Research Summary

Intracellular membrane fusion involves the assembly of cognate v-SNAREs and t-SNAREs between opposing membranes. At the neuronal synapse, a cascade of components and reactions controls SNARE complex formation and couples the triggering signal to the fusion machinery. To elucidate the molecular function of the regulatory machinery, we are attempting to reconstitute neurotransmitter release in vitro.

Structure of the Group

Group Leader:  Thomas Söllner
Postdoctoral fellows:  Jörg Malsam
PhD-Students:  Susanne Kreye, Simone Paulsen, Patricia Rusu, Yvette Schollmeier, Florian Seiler
Technicians:  Jean Michel Krause


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