Behavioural Neurophysiology – Cellular mechanisms of odour processing

Schaefer.jpg Andreas Schäfer

Dept. of Beahvioural Neurophysiology
MPI for Medical Research
69120 Heidelberg
Functional Neuroanatomy of Behaviour
Institute for Anatomy and Cell Biology
INF 307
69120 Heidelberg

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Research Summary

Our aim is to understand how complex behaviour emerges from the properties of molecules, cells and ensembles of cells. The model employed is the olfactory system of mice. Thus, we modify specific brain areas using transgenic mice, pharmacological tools or targeted virus injections. We then probe how these specific modifications alter neural networks in vivo and in vitro ultimately performing quantitative behavioural tasks.
Combining these genetic, physiological and behavioural techniques with computational modelling approaches we aim to elucidate the cellular basis of olfactory behaviour and ultimately more general complex behaviours.

Structure of the Group

Group Leader Andreas Schäfer
Postdoctoral fellows Thorsten Bus, Jenny Davie, Izumi Fukunaga, Mihaly Kollo
PhD-Students Matthew Angle, Jan Herb, Daniel Schwarz
Technicians Marlies Kaiser, Ellen Stier


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