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Book Articles:

Rupp, A., Las, L., and Nelken, I. (in press). Neuromagnetic representation of comodulation masking release in the human auditory cortex. In Hearing ? from basic research to applications, B. Kollmeier, G. Klump, V. Hohmann, U. Langemann, M. Mauermann, S. Uppenkamp, J. Verhey, eds.

Rupp, A., Uppenkamp, S., Bailes, J., Gutschalk, A., and Patterson, R.D. (2005). Time constants in temporal pitch extraction: 4A comparison of psychophysical and neuromagnetic data. In Auditory Signal Processing: Physiology, Psychoacoustics and Models. (New York: Springer)

Uppenkamp, S., Patterson, R.D., Rupp, A., Scherg, M., and Dau, T. (2001). The neural basis of the perception of temporal asymmetry in short frequency sweeps. In Physiological and Psychophysical Bases of Auditory Function - 12th International Symposium on Hearing, D.J. Breebart, A.J.M. Houtsma, A. Kohlrausch, V.F. Prijs, R. Schoonhoven, ed. (Maastricht: Shaker), pp. 343-351.

Peer-reviewed publications

Diedler, J., Pietz, J., Bast. T., and Rupp, A. (2007). Auditory temporal resolution in a gap detection paradigm in children assessed by magnetoencephalography. Neuroreport, in press.

Buschmann, A., Jooss, B., Rupp, A., Dockter, S., Blaschtikowitz, H., Heggen, I., and Pietz, J. (in press). Children with developmental language delay („late talkers“) at 24 month of age: Results of a diagnostic work-up. Development Medicine and Child Neurology.

Ritter, S., Dosch, H.G., Specht, H.J., Schneider, P., and Rupp, A. (2007). Latency effect of  the pitch response due to variations of frequency and spectral envelope. Clin. Neurophysiol. 118, 2276-2281.

Gutschalk, A., Patterson, R. D., Scherg, M., Uppenkamp, S., and Rupp, A. (2007). The effect of temporal context on the sustained pitch response in human auditory cortex. Cereb Cortex 17, 552-561.

Bast, T., Wright, T., Boor, R., Harting, I., Feneberg, R., Rupp, A., Hoechstetter, K., Rating, D., and Baumgartner, U. (2007). Combined EEG and MEG analysis of early somatosensory evoked activity in children and adolescents with focal epilepsies. Clin Neurophysiol 118, 1721-1735.

Sieroka, N., Dosch, H. G., and Rupp, A. (2006). Semirealistic models of the cochlea. J Acoust Soc Am 120, 297-304.

Schneider, P., Andermann, M., Engelmann, D., Schneider, R., and Rupp, A. (2006). [Music in the head. Individual differences in sound perception and the cerebral symphony orchestra]. Dtsch Med Wochenschr 131, 2895-2897.

Ramantani, G., Boor, R., Paetau, R., Ille, N., Feneberg, R., Rupp, A., Boppel, T., Scherg, M., Rating, D., and Bast, T. (2006). MEG versus EEG: influence of background activity on interictal spike detection. J Clin Neurophysiol 23, 498-508.

Bast, T., Boppel, T., Rupp, A., Harting, I., Hoechstetter, K., Fauser, S., Schulze-Bonhage, A., Rating, D., and Scherg, M. (2006). Noninvasive source localization of interictal EEG spikes: effects of signal-to-noise ratio and averaging. J Clin Neurophysiol 23, 487-497.

Schneider, P., Sluming, V., Roberts, N., Scherg, M., Goebel, R., Specht, H. J., Dosch, H. G., Bleeck, S., Stippich, C., and Rupp, A. (2005). Structural and functional asymmetry of lateral Heschl's gyrus reflects pitch perception preference. Nat Neurosci 8, 1241-1247.

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Gutschalk, A., Micheyl, C., Melcher, J. R., Rupp, A., Scherg, M., and Oxenham, A. J. (2005). Neuromagnetic correlates of streaming in human auditory cortex. J Neurosci 25, 5382-5388.

Bast, T., Ramantani, G., Boppel, T., Metzke, T., Ozkan, O., Stippich, C., Seitz, A., Rupp, A., Rating, D., and Scherg, M. (2005). Source analysis of interictal spikes in polymicrogyria: loss of relevant cortical fissures requires simultaneous EEG to avoid MEG misinterpretation. Neuroimage 25, 1232-1241.

Rupp, A., Gutschalk, A., Uppenkamp, S., and Scherg, M. (2004). Middle latency auditory-evoked fields reflect psychoacoustic gap detection thresholds in human listeners. J Neurophysiol 92, 2239-2247.

Pietz, J., Peter, J., Graf, R., Rauterberg-Ruland, I., Rupp, A., Sontheimer, D., and Linderkamp, O. (2004). Physical growth and neurodevelopmental outcome of nonhandicapped low-risk children born preterm. Early Hum Dev 79, 131-143.

Gutschalk, A., Patterson, R. D., Uppenkamp, S., Scherg, M., and Rupp, A. (2004). Recovery and refractoriness of auditory evoked fields after gaps in click trains. Eur J Neurosci 20, 3141-3147.

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Sieroka, N., Dosch, H. G., Specht, H. J., and Rupp, A. (2003). Additional neuromagnetic source activity outside the auditory cortex in duration discrimination correlates with behavioural ability. Neuroimage 20, 1697-1703.

Pietz, J., Rupp, A., Ebinger, F., Rating, D., Mayatepek, E., Boesch, C., and Kreis, R. (2003). Cerebral energy metabolism in phenylketonuria: findings by quantitative In vivo 31P MR spectroscopy. Pediatr Res 53, 654-662.

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Rupp, A., Uppenkamp, S., Gutschalk, A., Beucker, R., Patterson, R. D., Dau, T., and Scherg, M. (2002). The representation of peripheral neural activity in the middle-latency evoked field of primary auditory cortex in humans(1). Hear Res 174, 19-31.

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Hoechstetter, K., Meinck, H. M., Henningsen, P., Scherg, M., and Rupp, A. (2002). Psychogenic sensory loss: magnetic source imaging reveals normal tactile evoked activity of the human primary and secondary somatosensory cortex. Neurosci Lett 323, 137-140.

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Gutschalk, A., Kollmar, R., Mohr, A., Henze, M., Ille, N., Schwaninger, M., Hartmann, M., Hahnel, S., Haberkorn, U., Rupp, A., and Meyding-Lamade, U. (2002). Multimodal functional imaging of prolonged neurological deficits in a patient suffering from familial hemiplegic migraine. Neurosci Lett 332, 115-118.

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Rupp, A., Kreis, R., Zschocke, J., Slotboom, J., Boesch, C., Rating, D., and Pietz, J. (2001). Variability of blood-brain ratios of phenylalanine in typical patients with phenylketonuria. J Cereb Blood Flow Metab 21, 276-284.

Hoechstetter, K., Rupp, A., Stancak, A., Meinck, H. M., Stippich, C., Berg, P., and Scherg, M. (2001). Interaction of tactile input in the human primary and secondary somatosensory cortex--a magnetoencephalographic study. Neuroimage 14, 759-767.

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Hoechstetter, K., Rupp, A., Meinck, H. M., Weckesser, D., Bornfleth, H., Stippich, C., Berg, P., and Scherg, M. (2000). Magnetic source imaging of tactile input shows task-independent attention effects in SII. Neuroreport 11, 2461-2465.

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