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Straka T, Vita V, Prokshi K, Hörner SJ, Khan MM, Pirazzini M, Williams MPI, Hafner M, Zaglia T, Rudolf R. (2018)
Postnatal Development and Distribution of Sympathetic Innervation in Mouse Skeletal Muscle.
Int J Mol Sci 19: 1935.


Wild F, Khan MM, Rudolf R. (2017)
Evidence for the subsynaptic zone as a preferential site for CHRN recycling at neuromuscular junctions.
Small GTPases. doi: 10.1080/21541248.2017.1324939. [Epub ahead of print]


Wild F, Khan MM, Straka T, Rudolf R (2016)
Progress of endocytic CHRN to autophagic degradation is regulated by RAB5-GTPase and T145 phosphorylation of SH3GLB1 at mouse neuromuscular junctions in vivo.
Autophagy 12:2300–10.


Khan MM, Lustrino D, Silveira WA, Wild F, Straka T, Issop Y, O’Connor E, Cox D, Reischl M, Marquardt T, Labeit D, Labeit S, Benoit E, Molgó J, Lochmüller H, Witzemann V, Kettelhut IC, Navegantes LCC, Pozzan T, Rudolf R (2016)
Sympathetic innervation controls homeostasis of neuromuscular junctions in health and disease.
Proc Natl Acad Sci 113: 746–750.


Strack S, Khan MM, Wild F, Rall A, Rudolf R (2015)
Turnover of acetylcholine receptors at the endplate revisited: novel insights into nerve-dependent behavior.
J Muscle Res Cell Motil 36:517–24.


Khan MM, Strack S, Wild F, Hanashima A, Gasch A, Brohm K, Reischl M, Carnio S, Labeit D, Sandri M, Labeit S, Rudolf R (2014)
Role of autophagy, SQSTM1, SH3GLB1, and TRIM63 in the turnover of nicotinic acetylcholine receptors.
Autophagy. 10: 123-36.


Choi KR, Berrera M, Reischl M, Strack S, Albrizio M, Röder IV, Wagner A, Petersen Y, Hafner M, Zaccolo M, Rudolf R (2012)
Rapsyn mediates subsynaptic anchoring of PKA type I and stabilisation of acetylcholine receptor in vivo.
Journal of Cell Science. 125: 714-723.


Valkova C, Albrizio M, Röder IV, Schwake M, Betto R, Rudolf R, Kaether C (2011)
Rer1 controls surface-expression of muscle acetylcholine receptors by ER-retention of unassembled alpha-subunits.
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the USA. 108: 621-625.


Röder IV, Choi KR, Reischl M, Petersen Y, Diefenbacher ME, Zaccolo M, Pozzan T, and Rudolf R (2010)
Myosin Va cooperates with PKA RIa to mediate maintenance of the endplate in vivo.
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the USA 107: 2031-2036.


Mammucari C, Milan G, Romanello V, Masiero E, Rudolf R, Del Piccolo P, Burden SJ, Di Lisi R, Sandri C, Zhao J, Goldberg AL, Schiaffino S, and Sandri M (2007)
FoxO3 Controls Autophagy in Skeletal Muscle In Vivo.
Cell Metabolism 6: 458-471.


Rudolf R, Magalhaes J, and Pozzan T (2006)
Direct in vivo monitoring of sarcoplasmic reticulum Ca2+ and cytosolic cAMP dynamics in mouse skeletal muscle.
The Journal of Cell Biology 173: 187-193.


Rudolf R, Mongillo M, Magalhaes J, and Pozzan T (2004)
In vivo monitoring of Ca2+ uptake into mitochondria of mouse skeletal muscle during contraction.
The Journal of Cell Biology 166: 527-536.


Rudolf R, Schlicker O, Kögel T, Salm T, Hellwig A, Kuznetsov SA, Hammer III JA, and Gerdes HH (2003)
Myosin Va facilitates the distribution of secretory granules.
Journal of Cell Science 116: 1339-1348.


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Looking forward to seeing calcium.
Nature Reviews Molecular Cell Biology 4: 579-586.


Rudolf R, Salm T, Rustom A, and Gerdes HH (2001)
Dynamics of immature secretory granules: role of cytoskeletal elements during transport, cortical restriction and F-actin dependent tethering.
Molecular Biology of the Cell 12: 1353-1365.

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