Genetic Epidemiology in Psychiatry

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Zentralinstitut für Seelische Gesundheit
Genetic Epidemiology in Psychiatry
J5, 68159 Mannheim
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Research Summary

The Department of Genetic Epidemiology in Psychiatry investigates the biological and environmental basis of psychiatric illness, as well as gene-environment interactions and the genetic basis of treatment response (pharmacogenetics). Since psychiatric-genetic research touches upon a range of ethically sensitive issues, the Department is also engaged in intensive scientific dissection of the inherent ethical dilemmas.

Structure of the Group

Group Leader Marcella Rietschel
Postdoctoral fellows Helene Dukal, Maren Lang, Christine Schmäl, Fabian Streit, Jana Strohmaier, Jens Treutlein, Stephanie Witt
PhD Students Darja Schendel, Josef Frank
Technicians Christine Hohmeyer, Slaviva Radosavljevic-Bjelic


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