Growth and orientation of axons in the developing nervous system


G. Elisabeth Pollerberg

Department of Neurobiology
University of Heidelberg
INF 232
69120 Heidelberg

Phone:  +49-6221-546370
Fax:  +49-6221-546375

Research Summary

We are interested the cellular and molecular processes underlying the formation of axonal connections during embryonic development and regeneration of the higher vertebrate nervous system. We study the molecular interactions of elongating axons (in particular the growth cones at their tips) with their environment and the transformation of this sensing process into directed growth. We here focus on the roles of cell adhesion molecules (CAMs), microtubules / microtubule-associated proteins (MAPs) and intracellular signalling components.

Structure of the Group

Group Leader:  G. Elisabeth Pollerberg
Postdoctoral fellows:  Dr. Rieck, Dr. Rafal Platek
PhD Student:  Christoph Pille
Master Student:  Babafshe Golchoubian
Students:  Melisa Azikgöz, Shahzad Munir, Octavie Sime
Technicians:  Gesine Richter, Natalja Engel, Yasmin Schweizer


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