Poggi Lucia Poggi

UniversitätsKlinikum Heidelberg / Kopfklinik - Augenklinik IVCRC
The David J Apple Center for Vision Research,
Im Neuenheimer Feld 400, 69120 Heidelberg
Phone:  +49 6221 56-34215
Fax:  +49 6221 56-8229
Email:  lucia.poggi@med.uni-heidelberg.de
Website:  http://www.ivcrc.com/

Research Summary

What is the degree of intrinsic developmental potential and the interactions with the environment that limits a cell’s ability to undertake specific neuronal fates at any time during its lineage history? What is the extent at which this lineage can be reprogrammed during normal brain development? What is the importance of asymmetric cell division in generating neuronal cell diversity? To face this directly we need to trace the history of a progenitor cell, from its emergence to its extinction, at the same time elucidating the molecular processes that make up each phase of its life. We use the optically transparent zebrafish retina to image progenitor cells behaviour in vivo and to understand how transcription factors, chromatin regulators, extrinsic cues and even the mode of cell division and migration contribute altogether to individual neural cell lineages. In addressing these questions we particularly focus our investigation on a population of progenitors fated to become retinal ganglion cells, the output neurons of the retina.

Structure of the Group:

Group Leader:  Lucia Poggi
PhD-Students Shahad Albadri, Alessio Paolini
Undergraduates:  Laura-Nadine Schuhmacher
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