Genetics of Neurogastroenterologic Disorders

Beateniesler2020Beate Niesler

UniversityHospital Heidelberg
Institute of Human Genetics
Department of Human Molecular Genetics
Im Neuenheimer Feld 366
69120 Heidelberg
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Research Summary:

Beate Niesler has a longstanding interest in neuropsychiatric disorders and in particular the serotonin type 3 receptor system. During the last few years her attention was caught on diseases of the gut-brain axis in which the communication between the second brain of the gut (enteric nervous system, ENS) and the brain is disturbed. Within the last decade it became more and more evident that disturbances within the gut-brain axis may have a certain impact on brain development and pathogenesis of diseases not restricted to the gut. Her team therefore aims to nail down genes involved in the pathogenesis of neurogastroenterologic diseases such as eating disorders, irritable bowel syndrome and comorbid conditions such as anxiety and depression. Applying various murine and human cell models they aim to contribute to a better understanding of the role of genes and epigenetic factors shaping gut-brain interaction. More recently, they started working on a neurodevelopmental disorder of the gut termed Hirschsprung’s disease in which the ENS does not develop properly leading to its (partial) lack within the gut.

Besides her research group ‘Genetics in Neurogastroenterologic Disorders’, Beate is heading the nCounter Core Facility Heidelberg.

Structure of the Group:

Group Leader: Beate Niesler
Postdoctoral fellows: Yuanjun Dong, Stefanie Schmitteckert
PhD Students: Ignacio Vergara
MD students: Alexander Braun, Nikola Hattensperger, Minh Thy Vu
Master Students: Denise Dawid, Vivianne Heins
Technicians: Heike Kuzan, Ralph Röth
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