Ongoing funding

2019-2023: SFB1158 project A08 'Pain-associated epigenetic alterations and central sensitization: role of the neurovascular unit'
2020-2022: DFG 'Modulation of phosphatidylserine externalization and its effects on morphology, viability and survival in neurons'
2016-2020: FOR2325 Project 02 'VEGFD signaling: coupling of neuronal function with the CNS vascular system'

Previous funding

2017-2019: FRONTIER  'Synaptic activity facilitates structural plasticity via the regulation of the lipid content and fluidity of neuronal plasma membrane'
2015-2019: SFB1158 Project A08 'Epigenetic control of structural and functional plasticity in spinal circuits'
2016-2017: FRONTIER 'Synaptic activity-dependent regulation of phosphatidylserine transmembrane shuttling in neurons'
2007-2008: FRONTIER 'Nuclear calcium signaling enhancers: new strategy towards the development of therapies for neurodegenerative disorders and aging-related dysfunctions'
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