Curriculum Vitae

Degrees: Diploma Biotechnology     2002
PhD. Pharmacological sciences    2007
2001-2002 Diploma thesis in Biotechnology; Thesis Advisor: Prof. Dr. Flaminio Cattabeni. University of Milan, Italy. Thesis title “Role of post-synaptic density proteins in selective neuronal vulnerability”.
2002-2003 Post-graduate School for Pharmacology, University of Milan, Italy
2003-2007 PhD student. Thesis Advisor: Prof. Dr. Monica Di Luca. University of Milan. Italy. Thesis title: “ Multifunctional CaMKII in the structural organization of the Post-Synaptic Density”.
2007-2009 Postdoctoral Fellow, Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Hilmar Bading, Neurobiology, University of Heidelberg
2009-2015 Akademische Rätin auf Zeit, University of Heidelberg
since 2015 Junior professor in "Structural Neurobiology" and group leader, Neurobiology, University of Heidelberg
2016 Max Von Frey Prize
2013 Karl-Freudenberg Prize from the Heidelberger Akademie der Wissenschaften
2012 Distinguished Citizen award from Melegnano, Italy (hometown)
2007-2009 EMBO Long Term Fellowship
2003-2006 PhD student fellowship (University of Milan, Italy)
2002 Young Scientist Fellowship  (University of Milan, Italy)
2006-2012 Travel awards: FENS (2), SINS (2), IBRO (1), GRC (1)
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