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Selected publications


M. Mall & M. Wernig (2017).
The novel tool of cell reprogramming for applications in molecular medicine.
Journal of Molecular Medicine, 95:695-703


M. Mall, M.S. Kareta, S. Chanda, H. Ahlenius, N. Perotti, B. Zhou, S.D. Grieder, X. Ge, S. Drake, C.E. Ang, B.M. Walker, T. Vierbuchen, D.R. Fuentes, P. Brennecke, K.R. Nitta, A. Jolma, J. Taipale, L.M. Steinmetz, T.C. Südhof, M. Wernig (2017).
Myt1l safeguards neuronal identity by actively repressing many non-neuronal fates.
Nature, 544:245-249


N. Yang, S. Chanda, S. Marro, S., Y.H. Ng, J. Janas, D. Haag, C.E. Ang, Y. Tang, Q. Flores, M. Mall, O. Wapinski, M. Li, H. Ahlenius, J. Rubenstein, H.Y. Chang, A. Alvarez-Buylla, T.C. Südhof, M. Wernig (2017).
Generation of pure GABAergic neurons by transcription factor programming.
Nature Methods, 95:695-703


B. Treutlein, Q.Y. Lee, J.G. Camp, M. Mall, W. Koh, S.A.M. Shariati, S. Sim, N.F. Neff, J.M. Skotheim, M. Wernig, S.R. Quake (2016).
Dissecting direct reprogramming from fibroblast to neuron using single-cell RNA-seq.
Nature, 534:391-395


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