Normal and neoplastic CNS stem cells

LiuHaikun Liu

Normal and neoplastic CNS stem cells
German Cancer Research Center DKFZ
DKFZ-ZMBH Alliance
Im Neuenheimer Feld 581
69117 Heidelberg

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Research Summary

Our lab aims to identify crucial molecular pathways that are important for the regulation of normal and neoplastic neural stem cells. To achieve this goal, we are mainly using mouse models in which we have altered the activity of some oncogenes, tumor suppressors and chromatin remodelers specifically in adult mouse neural stem cells.

Structure of the Group

Group Leader: Haikun Liu
Postdoctoral fellows: Weijun Feng, Amir Khan, Patricia Rusu, Yuting Li, Yong-Sheng Cheng
PhD students: Azer Aylin Acikgöz, Gözde Bekki, Pablo Bellvis, Peng Zou, Huiqin Körkel-Qu, Malin Jansen
Master students: Elisabeth Serger, Yue Zhuo
Technicians: Olga Friesen, Anna Neuerburg
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