Structure and function of synapses

Kuner T Thomas Kuner

Department Medical Cell Biology
Institute for Anatomy and Cell Biology
INF 307
69120 Heidelberg
Phone:  +49-6221-548678
Fax:  +49-6221-544952

Research Summary

Our work is aimed at understanding the molecular mechanisms of synaptic transmission, mainly focusing on presynaptic nerve terminals. We employ a multi-disciplinary approach ranging from molecules to behavior: molecular perturbation, viral gene transfer, genetically encoded indicators, high-resolution fluorescence microscopy, electron microscopy, 3D analyses, quantitative fluorescence imaging, electrophysiology and behavior.

Structure of the Group

Group Leader:  Thomas Kuner
Postdoctoral fellows:  Nixon Abraham, Anna Dondzillo, Robert Renden
PhD-Students:  Christian Kempf, Christoph K√∂rber, Daniel Nunes, Darius Schwenger, Bhavana Shrivastava, Francisco Urra, Mariya Vasileva
EM specialist:  Heinz Horstmann
Technicians:  Michaela Kaiser, Claudia Kocksch


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