Molecular mechanisms underlying chronic pain

Kuner R Rohini Kuner

Department of Pharmacology
INF 366
69120 Heidelberg
Phone:  +49-6221-548289
Fax:  +49-6221-548549

Research Summary:

We aim at understanding molecular mechanisms underlying chronic pain resulting from long-lasting inflammation or cancer. A major focus is laid on addressing signalling mechanisms which underlie activity-dependent changes in primary sensory neurons transmitting pain (nociceptors) and their synapses in the spinal dorsal horn. Our current work spans molecular, genetic, behavioural, electrophysiological and imaging approaches in vitro as well as in vivo in rodent models of pathological pain.

Structure of the Group

Group Leader:  Rohini Kuner
Postdoctoral fellows:  Nitin Agarwal, Kiran Bali, Vijayan Gangadharan, Pooja Gupta, CĂ©line Heinl, Sanjeev Kaushalya, Jianning Lu, Christian Njoo, Eszter Paldy, Deepitha Selvaraj, Manuela Simonetti, Linette Tan, Anke Tappe-Theodor, Lucas Vicuna
PhD-Students:  Jagadeesh Gandla
Technicians:  Dunja Baumgartl-Ahlert, Nadine Gehrig, Karin Meyer, Hans-Josef Wrede


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