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Oettl LL, Ravi N, Schneider M, Scheller MF, Schneider P, Mitre M, da Silva Gouveia M, Froemke RC, Chao MV, Young WS, Meyer-Lindenberg A, Grinevich V, Shusterman R, Kelsch (2016) Oxytocin Enhances Social Recognition by Modulating Cortical Control of Early Olfactory Processing. Neuron 90:609-21

Lebhardt PS, v Hohenberg CC, Weber-Fahr W, Kelsch W, Sartorius A (2015) Optogenetic fMRI in the mouse hippocampus: Hemodynamic response to brief glutamatergic stimuli. J Cereb Blood Flow Metab 36:629-38

Wieland S, Schindler S, Huber C, Köhr G, Oswald MJ, Kelsch W (2015) Phasic Dopamine Modifies Sensory-Driven Output of Striatal Neurons through Synaptic Plasticity. J Neurosci 35:9946-56

Ravi N, Li Z, Oettl LL, Bartsch D, Schönig K, Kelsch W (2015) Postnatal subventricular zone progenitors switch their fate to generate neurons with distinct synaptic input patterns. Development 142:303-13.

Wieland S, Dan D, Oswald M, Parlato R, Köhr G, Kelsch W (2014) Phasic Dopaminergic activity exert fast control of cholinergic interneuron firing by sequential NMDA, D2 and D1 receptor activation. J Neurosci 34:11549-59

Kelsch W, Li Z, Eliava M, Goengrich C, Monyer H (2012) GluN2B-containing NMDA receptors promote wiring of adult-born neurons into olfactory bulb circuits. J Neurosci. 32:12603-11.

Kelsch W, Sim S, Lois C (2010) Watching synaptogenesis in the adult brain. Annu Rev Neurosci.  33:131-49.

Lin CW, Sim S, Ainsworth A, Okada M, Kelsch W, Lois C (2010) Genetically increased cell-intrinsic excitability enhances neuronal integration into adult brain circuits. Neuron. 65:32-9.

Kelsch W, Lin CW, Lois C (2008) Sequential development of synapses in dendritic domains during adult neurogenesis. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 105:16803-8.

Kelsch W, Mosley CP, Lin CW, Lois C (2007) Distinct mammalian precursors are committed to generate neurons with defined dendritic projection patterns. PLoS Biol. 5:e300.

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