Prof. Dr. Valery Grinevich, MD, PhD

Grinevich ValeryValery Grinevich
Department of Neuropeptide Research in Psychiatry
Central Institute of Mental Health
Heidelberg University
J5, Mannheim, 68159
Phone:  +49 621 1703-2995

Research Summary:

Our team is focused on the exploration of the functional connectivity of hypothalamic neurons and manipulate  axonal neuropeptide release within the rodent forebrain by viral, optogenetic,  pharmacogenetic, electrophysiological, behavioral and fMRI means. Besides, we evaluate the role of select genes in hypothalamic neurons controlling stress response, metabolism and reproduction.

Structure of the Group:

Group Leader Valery Grinevich
Postdoctoral fellows Marina Eliava, Arthur Lefevre, Julia Lebedeva, Alan Kania, Quirin Krabichler
PhD-Students Jonas Schimmer, Lara Bartezcko, Ana Mayer
Master Student Stephanie K├╝ppers
Technicians:  Natalia Merker
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