The role of chemokine-mediated tissue migration in generating mechanosensory organs in the zebrafish lateral line

GilmourDarren Gilmour

Department of Cell Biology and Biophysics
Meyerhofstr. 1,
69117 Heidelberg

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Research Summary:

The coordinated migration of groups of cells is a hallmark of morphogenesis. We have developed the zebrafish lateral line primordium as a model system for the study of this poorly-understood process. By combining in vivo imaging with functional approaches such as genetic mosaics, lasernanosurgery and small molecule inhibitors, we have begun to address the chemical and mechanical cues that coordinate cell movement in the PNS.

Structure of the Group

Group Leader:  Darren Gilmour
Postdoctoral fellows:  Ana Fernandez-Minan, Andreea Gruia, Petra Haas, Virginie Lecaudey
PhD Students:  Gulcin Cakan-Akdogan, Guillaume Valentin
Technician:  Andreas Kunze



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