Signal processing in the olfactory system

Frings Stephan Frings

COS, Molecular Animal Physiology
Heidelberg University
Im Neuenheimer Feld 230
69120 Heidelberg
Phone:  06221 – 54 5661
Fax:  06221 – 54 6162

Research Summary

We examine the mammalian olfactory system on the levels of the receptor neurons in the nose and the first stage of signal processing, the olfactory bulb. In the receptor neurons, we concentrate on the regulation of the transduction channels that convert the chemical stimuli into electrical signals. In the olfactory bulb, we study the processing of the afferent signal by the local circuits. We are particularly interested in the topic of neuromodulation, asking how olfactory network activity is affected by trigeminal neuropeptides, and how these peptides change olfactory performance.

Structure of the Group:

Group Leader:   Stephan Frings
Senior scientist:  Frank Möhrlen
PhD students:  Federica Genovese, Weiping Zhang, Franziska Neureither
Technician:  Gabriele Günther


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