Fiebach group

Cognitive Neuroscience: Neural mechanisms of higher cognitive functions

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Christian Fiebach

Department of Psychology
University of Heidelberg
Hauptstr. 47-51
69117 Heidelberg

Phone:  +49-6221-547371

Research Summary

We use modern, non-invasive neuroimaging techniques suchas functional magnetic resonance imaging and electro- andmagnetoencephalography to explore the neural mechanismsunderlying higher cognitive functions in humans. Ourmain areas of research involve cognitive functions suchas language, working memory, decision making, and goaldirected behavior. In addition, we are particularly interestedin specifying the neural mechanisms underlying individualdifferences in these cognitive functions.

Structure of the Group

Group Leader:  Christian Fiebach
Postdoctoral fellows:  Christine Stelzel, Alexander Roth
PhD Students:  Ulrike Basten, Andrea Gäbel, Sascha Purmann, Ruth Schmitt
Undergraduates:  Diana Armbruster
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