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Bahner F, Weiss EK, Birke G, Maier N, Schmitz D, Rudolph U, Frotscher M, Traub RD, Both M, Draguhn A
Cellular correlate of assembly formation in oscillating hippocampal networks in vitro.
Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 108:E607-616. (2011)

Hartmann K, Bruehl C, Golovko T, Draguhn A
Fast homeostatic plasticity of inhibition via activity-dependent vesicular filling.
PLoSOne 3:e2979. (2008)

Reichinnek S, Kunsting T, Draguhn A, Both M
Field potential signature of distinct multicellular activity patterns in the mouse hippocampus.
JNeurosci 30:15441-15449. (2010)

Reichinnek S, von Kameke A, Hagenston AM, Freitag E, Roth FC, Bading H, Hasan MT, Draguhn A, Both M
Reliable optical detection of coherent neuronal activity in fast oscillating networks in vitro.
Neuroimage 60:139-152. (2012)

Scheffzuk C, Kukushka VI, Vyssotski AL, Draguhn A, Tort AB, Brankack J
Selective coupling between theta phase and neocortical fast gamma oscillations during REM-sleep in mice.
PLoS One 6:e28489. (2011)

Zhang X, Herrmann U, Weyer SW, Both M, Muller UC, Korte M, Draguhn A
Hippocampal network oscillations in APP/APLP2-deficient mice.
PLoS One 8:e61198. (2013)

Both M, Bahner F, von Bohlen und HO, Draguhn A
Propagation of specific network patterns through the mouse hippocampus.
Hippocampus 18:899-908. (2008)

Buzsaki G, Draguhn A
Neuronal oscillations in cortical networks.
Science 304:1926-1929. (2004)

Maier N, Nimmrich V, Draguhn A
Cellular and network mechanisms underlying spontaneous sharp wave-ripple complexes in mouse hippocampal slices.
JPhysiol 550:873-887. (2003)

Stief F, Zuschratter W, Hartmann K, Schmitz D, Draguhn A
Enhanced synaptic excitation-inhibition ratio in hippocampal interneurons of rats with temporal lobe epilepsy.
EurJNeurosci 25:519-528. (2007)

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